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Harmony Nixon is a Spiritual Teacher and Shamanic Healer, with over a decade of experience and training within many healing traditions and lineages. Harmony works with the medicine wheel, and weaves it throughout all of her teachings and mentorship programs. She studied with The Four Winds and has received ten initiatory shamanic rites, becoming a trained Munay-Ki Practitioner. After falling in love with the wisdom lineages of the Qéro people of Andes, she also became initiated into the Ñusta karpay, becoming a Ñusta Mesa carrier and facilitator of these rites as well. She is also an advanced Theta Healing Practitioner, a certified Usui & Karuna Reiki Master/Teacher, and a La-Ho-Chi facilitator.  Her training in these healing lineages has become her spiritual roots, deeply connecting her to her truth while creating an embodied and empowered way of living. Harmony continues her growth through teaching while also remaining a student of earth-based healing and mystical ways from around the world.

I am here to help you step into who you truly are!  Together we will find the roots of any wounded stories that feed insecurity, low self-worth, self-doubt, and unworthiness, which can keep life feeling unbalanced and unfulfilling. 


Through spiritual & energetic healing, I will help you release heavy energy, trapped emotions, limiting stories and beliefs, ancestral baggage, energetic cords and attachments, and anything else blocking your soul's light. I always tell my clients that I am an energetic maid clearing off all that is NOT you! After the "housekeeping," your true self begins to bloom naturally! 


I will share intuitive insights, rituals, &  healing techniques to help you deepen your relationship within.  You will begin to unfold and step into alignment with your soul's purpose, your relationships with life & others will begin to bloom, your creativity awakens,  your intuition deepens, and you start living life fully embodied in who you are on a Soul level.

I have organized this Mentorship in a way that will help you reach into the depths of who you are to heal and bloom. 

In the Creatress Awaken Mentorship, you will receive eight personal sessions with me.