"I have been working with Harmony for years now. She has made such a difference in my life and inspired me to make positive changes for myself, body, mind, and spirit. Our sessions that we have always dive deep to allow me to make real meaningful change in the areas we are working on. Harmony’s energy is so sweet, loving and nurturing. She also is very real with me on what is going on and helps me face the challenges I am going through with courage and openness. Working with Harmony has been a blessing and I highly recommend her services!"
-Jayde Appie 
" My hour-long session with Harmony was one of the most healing, eye-opening and soul awakening experiences I've ever had. We had an intense energetic collaboration from the start which allowed me to feel safe and supported while we traversed the depths of my subconscious. Harmony is a truly gifted individual. I trust her completely to be my partner on this journey towards release, integration, and development. If I could give more stars, I would. Instead, I'll just send endless gratitude for her & the endless treasures she offers. Thank you, Harmony!!! "
-Kasey Cris
"Today, 3 weeks ago, I experienced the most wonderful Transformational Healing Session with Harmony. Harmony is just such a wonderful, free and open person. She just is, she doesn't pretend to be someone else and this is what makes a session with her so pleasant and powerful.

I have had serious migraines and neck pains for over 15 years and I felt that this is not the way I wished to live and suffer anymore. I tried all the doctors, chiropractics  and self-healing techniques but sadly nothing gave me relief. I decided to make a change but I had no idea how. I started to ask from the Universe the solution, to believe that I will find the way. One thing led to another and I found Harmony. I have never done any distance healings sessions and never planned to, but seeing her I just knew I had to contact her. And I have to say this was one of the best decisions I made in my life!
I have been pain free for 3 full weeks, this has not happened with me for years! For the last 3 years I woke up with the pain every single morning and now on my worst days I just have a stiff neck! And more! I never felt confident when I spoke with people, I always felt a glass wall between me and everyone, it just seemed impossible for me to open my mouth and to say a sentence to someone while feeling secure in myself...even with my closest family..After one session with Harmony I feel this glass wall breaking down piece by piece. I speak up in situations where I never thought even to open my mouth at all.. I feel so much more confidence and I love myself so much more. I am more positive, eager and I feel powerful. My relationship with my husband, my dogs and family are better than ever before!

There are not enough words to express my gratitude towards Harmony! Thank You for this amazing experience, I am forever grateful <3"

 K.C from Spain
"Harmony is an amazingly gifted healer and intuitive!  I’m a healer myself, and have worked with a lot of other healers over the years, but none that are as transformational as Harmony!  Before I decided to work with Harmony weekly, I was pretty much doing self healings and trading with other holistic healers very sporadically.  
 I found that I was in a pattern of inaction and feeling stuck in bringing my own services to the world.  I know it was divine guidance that led me to Harmony because for the last 6 months I’ve seen tremendous shifts and positive changes in all areas of my life, not just my business.  I’ve been able to take substantial actions, reaped huge rewards, and have so much optimism that I’m getting closer and closer to my goals everyday!  My client base and business has grown substantially, and the growing inspiration I have to put myself out there is something I’ve never felt before, and welcome with open arms! I attribute this 100% to my work with Harmony.  Even a healer needs a healer, and Harmony is the best!  She has no judgment towards, nor attachment to what I want in my life, and the insights that she brings are so clear and helpful!  I truly feel like she wants for me exactly what I want for myself and she has been so helpful and successful at getting me to that place! 
  She has an extensive amount of healing modalities and “tools” that she uses, when applicable, to help me get where I’m going, and she’s helped me to see what I was too close to see for myself.  Harmony has cleared out so many of the beliefs, energies, and emotions that are not serving me in my now, extremely purpose driven life! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Harmony, for all of your love, support, and assistance!  I hope that we will have the pleasure of working together for many years to come…and that the world soon recognizes the wisdom and light you bring to it, so that you can help MANY more people in the way you’ve helped me!!"
In Love and Gratitude,
Jessie Lavery
ThetaHealing® Practitioner and Transformational Life Coach
"I would absolutely recommend getting a session with Harmony! Her intuition is incredibly advance and spot-on, and her groundedness and down-to-earth, pleasant personality makes you feel comfortable with going really deep with her and being vulnerable. 
The session I had with Harmony was filled with a great many synchronicities and signs, and after the session I was surrounded by the personal signs and transformation experiences that I can recognize as showing me that I have done something very smart on my evolutionary path, making the right decision to be braver, go farther, heal more, and move forward.
Thank you Harmony! You are amazing!"
Love and blessings,
"Harmony came into my life when I needed her the most.  "When the student is ready..." and all that jazz. :) I had been on my spiritual journey almost my entire life but I've had a deep spiritual practice going on 17 years.  Prior to meeting Harmony I found myself lost, I was stuck in a dark place and beginning to lose sense of myself and my faith. As a lifelong sufferer of depression and anxiety it has given me many ups and downs, but I found myself unable to get back to the "up" part after the birth of my second daughter. The whole pregnancy was hard on my mental health but even a year later I failed to bounce back. I was lost in darkness and pretty much leaning toward being agnostic.
   I met Harmony by chance at a wholeness circle and we immediately connected. She has that type of radiant personality that clicks with people instantly. She's so genuine, funny, down to earth and "normal",  normal as in she's not just this "healer for show". She's just this beautiful soul who is further along in her path than most and SO willing and excited to help others evolve on their individual paths. She is not stuck on just one way of healing and reading. It's fascinating to see how many tricks she has in her bag. She uses so many modalities and methodologies that I NEVER leave her with a question unanswered or leftover pain.  Everytime I see her it's something brand new, not where you have to see practitioners over and over for the same problem. She works WITH you, not ON you to overcome physical, mental and subconscious blocks. When I go for my next visit the old garbage is cleared and in the past and we work on the next thing that comes up, constantly helping me evolve on my divine path.
   With her weekly classes, workshops and individual sessions, Harmony has not only helped  me get my life, my practice & beliefs back...she has helped me get my Divine spark back!  Almost as important as all those things, I've gained a friend.  She is a great mentor, guide, healer and a part of my soul group I didn't even know I was missing until I was blessed to meet her. I wish everyone the positive experience and delight of having Harmony in your lives!"
Carla Logan
"I have had a couple individualized sessions with Harmony and I couldn't recommend her highly enough! Her insight is though the roof paired with a thoughtful, loving, personable & playful demeanor sets sessions up for an enjoyable experience.
I have found such transformation though her Reiki and shadow work clearings that have left me feeling in more of a grounded, clear and balanced state of being. Those self-limiting and self-sabotaging beliefs which hide within our subconscious, Harmony has no trouble identifying the root cause and eradicating. Hallelujah! I have such love and gratitude for Harmony & her work of the Light.
Anyone looking to push though to the next level, don't hesitate or look any further and work with Harmony. You won't regret it <3 Thank you and so much Love!"
Amy Gundersen