Unlovable: Broken Pieces of Songs and Memories is a raw poetry book that I wrote to share the darker side of my healing journey. The inner screams not many want to talk about, the inner thoughts and feelings that arise when dealing with trauma.  I poured these words out so those of you struggling know that you aren't alone and to know that you can also heal your deepest wounds and find the light in the dark. I wrote this in four sections: The Darkness, Silent Screams, Pieces of Songs, & the Light.

Book Praise

"I keep getting these chills course through me as I read each page. This is unlike anything I have read. I'm not sure how to articulate the genius of this writing, but I'll try...There is both literary and visual depth that takes you to a time and place. Words that pull heartstrings, words that tap into my memory bank, and words that make you feel the place where the pit of your stomach is. I had to go back and reread multiple pages because it hit me so deep. I love the way it transitions and unfolds...I already want to buy 6 copies for me and people I know."

-Melissa M.