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My name is Harmony, and I am a Spiritual Teacher, Shamanic Healer, Writer, and Artist. My passion is guiding people through the landscapes of their inner world to heal and deepen their relationship with their  s o u l.  Those guided to work with me are most often natural healers and highly sensitive empaths. 

I will walk with you on your path of healing, helping you see your deepest insecurities & self-doubt as a gateway into your unique soul medicine. It is in our shadows that we can see the wild beauty of our true inner light.

This journey of self-transformation is where you find your way back home to your true essence. By opening the gates of your intuition and strengthening your gifts, you can empower the beliefs you have about who you are—mind, body, and soul, so you can live your life confidently, soulfully, and with purpose.


The Medicine for your deepest wounds lives inside of you.

I've been intuitive and highly sensitive to energy my whole life. My intuitive gifts scared the crap out of me when I was growing up. I could always feel the energy all around me. I had intense visions and would know things that no one could explain. I found solace in expressing my feelings through writing and music. The piano was my first musical love, and writing songs helped me understand my inner world much clearer. 

I experienced deep trauma and sudden tragedy later in my childhood which seemed to bind me in this constant state of fight or flight. I did my best to hide the growing feelings of emptiness, anxiety, low self-worth, insecurity, body dysmorphia, depression, & grief. I battled that inner war for so long I began to feel hopeless and completely broken.


In 2008 I had a powerful spiritual awakening, and I began an intense path of soul-searching and deep inner healing. I began to reconnect with my intuitive gifts and slowly began to heal the heavy trauma I had carried for years.

I had this deep longing to help people in some impactful way so, after a while of trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life, I became a Nurse. After a few years, I still felt the longing to help people in a deeper way.  I knew I had to allow my healing journey and practice to shift into something bigger. That is when my Soul began to guide me onto this path of being a healer, teacher, and writer while creating work that nourishes soul growth.

I have well over a decade of experience with soul-transformative work through private healing sessions, teaching workshops, guiding meditations, and facilitating transformative group sessions.